Reality Engine: Page 51

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“Seriously, stop!” Michael yelled.

“Sorry,” Allison said.

Michael struggled to get up as he was in serious pain.

“Maybe we should have safe-word next time,” Allison said.

“Here’s a safe-word for ya, stop!” Michael said.

“I got a little carried away. I’ve been a bad girl. Maybe you should punish me.”

Allison got up from the bed and she stood in the corner, facing the wall.

“Take your clothes off,” Michael said.

Allison took her clothes off while she still stood in the corner and Michael took off his clothes as well.

When Allison stripped herself naked, Michael caressed Allison’s shoulders, and he slowly made his way to Allison’s arms, and then her hips.

At that point, Michael was so horny, that he humped Allison from behind; Michael kept thrusting back and forth until he had an orgasm.

“How was it?” Michael asked.

“Want me to be honest?” Allison asked.


“It was awkward and uncomfortable. But I actually liked it at the same time. It was different. And I thought I was kinky.”

“You also mentioned that you like to role-play.”


“You also mentioned that you like to role play.”


“We should totally try that sometime.”

“Sounds good.”

The following Monday, Michael and his friends had their graduation ceremony, and Allison was there as well. After the ceremony, the six friends wandered through the school hallways.

“What are all of your plans” Shelly asked.

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