Reality Engine: Page 50

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“You said that the reason you cheated on me was because our relationship went stale and you expected me to put myself in your shoes. That is fucked up!”

“I know! Look, Melody seems really nice. I don’t want to get between you and Melody.

“You won’t. Anyway, I think it’s about time I get over it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I wish everybody would quit asking me that.”

The last dance took place a short while later.

“I’m impressed, Steve,” Shelly said. “You’re a love guru.”

“Thanks,” Steve said.

“I mean it. You really came through for Sarah and Melody.”


“I have a surprise for you,” Michael said as he handed Allison a hotel key.

“Really,” Allison said.

“It’s a different hotel.”

“We’ll go as soon as this dance is over.”

About a half-an-hour later, Michael and Allison entered their hotel room.

“Remember when we talk about the things we wanted to do to each other?” Allison asked

“Yeah,” Michael said.

“Get on the bed,” Allison said in a stern voice.

Michael laid on the bed.

Allison took off Michael’s shoes and socks, followed by his pants and underwear. Allison then took off Michael’s jacket, then his vest, and finally, his shirt.

Michael wasn’t well-toned. He was just average. However, Michael had very little body hair, which Allison liked.

Allison sat on the bed and Michael leaned over on her lap. Allison started off by gently spanking Michael’s ass. However, Allison eventually spanked Michael as hard as she could. Even when Michael’s ass turned red, Allison continued to spank him. Michael begged Allison to stop, but she wouldn’t listen.

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