Reality Engine: Page 48

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“Sounds like the plot of a sci-fi novel.”

The prom took place that Friday.

“This is the kind of prom I’ve always wanted,” Allison said. “The decorations are awesome! So, where are we sitting?”

“Table five,” Michael said.

Michael and Allison made their way to the table. Once they got there, Allison and Sarah stared at each other coldly.

“Hello, Allison,” Sarah said.

“Hey, Sarah,” Allison said.

“You two know each other?” Michael asked.

“Ask your date,” Sarah said.

Allison stormed off, but Michael followed her. Allison almost reached the washroom, but Michael caught up to her.

“Hey, what was that about?” Michael asked.

“Sarah and I used to date,” Allison said.

“What happened?”

Allison hesitated to speak.

“If I don’t tell you, Sarah will,” Allison said. “I cheated on her. There, I said it. I cheated on Sarah…with you.”

Michael didn’t know what to say. Since Allison cheated on Sarah, how does Michael know Allison won’t cheat on Michael as well? But for some reason, Michael decided to take the risk.

“I suppose you don’t want to talk about it,” Michael said.

“No, not really,” Allison said. “Then again, there’s nothing else to say, really.”

“Okay. But how long ago did you two break up?”

“We broke up in grade 11.”

“But you’ve moved on with me, and Sarah moved on with Melody. Can’t we all put the past behind us?”

“I can. But I don’t think Sarah can.”

“Does that mean we can’t enjoy the night?”

Allison hesitated to speak. “I’ll try,” she said.

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