Reality Engine: Page 47

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“Something happen, didn’t it?”

“You could say that. Allison rented a hotel room for us. We went there after the prom and then…the fire alarm went off.”

Steve and Shelly tried not to laugh, but they couldn’t. Instead, they busted out laughing.

“What happened after that?” Steve asked as he tried to hold back his laughter.

“Neither one of us were in the mood.”

“Okay, T.M.I,” Shelly said.

“You’re the one who asked.”

“I just wanted to know if you had a good time, not if you had a good time.”

“Anyway, there’s still our prom.”

“Like I said, T.M.I.”

After school, Steve went over to Shelly’s house.

“So, the after-prom is going to have a goodbye-to-your-childhood theme?” Steve asked.

“Well, we are growing up,” Shelly said.

“It’s still pretty depressing. So, you’re going to the after-prom.”

“Yeah. I’m on the prom-committee. We planned out both the prom and the after-prom. It would look pretty bad if I didn’t go.”

“Oh, okay.”

Shelly gave Steve a piercing stare.

“You want us to get a hotel room, don’t you?” Shelly asked.

“That’s up to you,” Steve said. “I’m not going to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.”

“That’s good, because it’s not going to happen.”


Meanwhile, Melody and Sarah discussed their prom plans.

“I had a dream about the prom, last night,” Melody said. “It was vague though. I think I saw Michael with a redheaded chick.”

“I see,” Sarah said. “I had a weird dream last night, too. It was sometime in the future. There were UFOs hovering in the skies. The aliens were looking for a time machine or something, except they called it something else. I think it began with an R or something.”

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