Reality Engine: Page 46

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“Why do you let teenagers check in the hotel?” The Assistant Manager asked.

“Because it’s prom season,” The Manager said. “This is the only way this hotel can stay in business.”

Michael and Allison entered their room. It was the same room that Steve’s parents stayed in years earlier.

As Michael crashed on the bed, Allison slowly took off her dress. However, the fire alarm sounded. Allison quickly put her dress back on and she and Michael evacuated the building.

Michael, Allison, and all the other guests stood outside of the hotel.

“This is pissing me off,” Michael said.

“How do think I feel?” Allison asked. “I paid for that room. Fuck! There were so many things I wanted to do.”

“Like what?” Michael asked with a big grin on his face.

“I like to role-play. You would have been a CIA agent who needed to ‘pump’ information out of me. Or you would have been a cop and you would have had to frisk me. I would have also stripped you naked, put you over my lap, and I would have spanked you until your ass turned red. Then I would have grabbed you by the hair, and say something like …well, something. I’m too pissed to think of something.”

I would have caressed your body from your shoulders, all the way down to your legs, while you stood in the corner, facing the wall. After that, I would have tied to the bed, face down. And I would have tickled you until your whole body shook like crazy.”

Michael and Allison noticed that some of the other hotel guests overheard their conversation, including an old couple. Everybody who overheard Michael and Allison’s conversation stared at them.

“What,” Michael said. “This is a private conversation.”

The following Monday, Michael ate lunch with Shelly and Steve.

“How was your girlfriend’s prom?” Shelly asked.

“It was good,” Michael said. “Allison introduced me to her friends, we had a good time, and I finally got to see Allison’s face.”

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