Reality Engine: Page 43

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“Yup,” Michael said.

“Give me the deeds!”

“Her name is Allison. We have a lot in common and we just click.”

“What does she look like?”

“She has red hair, skinny, and…”

Michael put his hands on his chest, indicating that Allison had big breasts.

“She sounds hot,” Steve said.

“Here’s the thing, she never shows her face in her pics.”

“So, she’s a butter face.”

“Maybe. But I really like this girl. I’m gonna ask her out.”

Michael sent Allison a text message, asking her out. Unfortunately, Allison had to work that weekend. To make it up to Michael, Allison agreed to talk to him via FaceTime, except she didn’t show her face on camera. Instead, Allison pointed her phone at her breasts.

“So, this is FaceTime without faces,” Michael said.

“I can see your face, though,” Allison said.

“Why aren’t you showing your face?”

“I hate being on camera.”

“Why though?”

“It all started in grade 5. I had a big goofy grin on my face in my class photo, and the other kids made fun of me for it. They even edited the photo to make me look like a clown and they’ve sent it through MSN messenger. They even posted it on Myspace. I haven’t been able to show my face on camera since.”

“Kids can be such bastards. So, what are you doing next weekend?”

“It’s my prom. Do you want to come with me?”

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