Reality Engine: Page 138

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“You’re no psychologist.”

“You’re right. I’m no psychologist. I’m just a friend. We can talk in private and you can just vent all of your frustrations.”


Alex and Angel talked for hours in private. During that time, Steve was still trying to wrap his head around Alex’s behavior.”

“Angel is going to help Alex,” Shelly said.

“I hope so,” Steve said. “Alex could have hurt you and our unborn son.”

“Did your father really want me to get an abortion?”

“Yes. I never told you that, because I didn’t want to stress you out. I didn’t want anything to happen to our son.”

Alex and Angel returned to the bridge of the ship.

“How are you feeling?” Steve asked.

“Better,” Alex said.

“We have a slight change of plans,” Angel said. “We will go back to Earth and we’re taking the reality engine with us. After what we saw on Earth, we don’t have time to hide the reality engine somewhere. We can also use it to figure out what to do to help the people of Earth. Are we all in agreement?”

Everybody agreed and they all headed back to Earth.

Throughout the trip, Shelly gave birth to her son, whom she had named Ryan. Luckily, there were two months worth of baby supplies on the ship. Melody and Sarah got married on the ship. Michael and Allison remained friends and Alex kept talking to Angel about his problems.

Back on Earth, nobody was killed due to the exploding Vehicles. Several people were injured, but they’ve survived. The Black Dogs continued their war with the Leviathans.

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