Reality Engine: Page 137

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“Glacier was a danger to the universe. She was a demigod obsessed with power and control. The other gods in the universe have plans or measures to keep their own powers in check. This was after millions of years of gods trying to take over the universe.”

Alex paused for a moment.

“What do you know,” Alex said. “Gods are no better humans. We all want power and control. Everybody from our parents, our governments, and gods want to control every aspect of our lives, because it’s in our nature. It makes sense that God created us in his image, because he’s a control freak, just like Glacier, just like our Prime Minister, just like my parents. And now we have the reality engine. We can control the universe.”

“This is why we need to get rid of reality engine,” Angel said.

“Why though? Why should we give up that power? Our lust for power is in our nature. That machine makes us gods.”

“Alex, this power will destroy us,” Steve said.

“It hasn’t so far. Steve, don’t you want to know what happened to Dad and everybody else in that camp? Don’t you want to bring Mom back to life? We can do that. If either of us had cancer, we could reverse it.”

“You need serious help.”

“Let’s face facts. The need to control is in our nature. To fight it is like fighting our urge to have sex. Hell, Dad ordered you to tell Shelly to get an abortion.”

Feeling overwhelmed, Steve got up from his seat, punched Alex in the face, and shoved him against the wall.

“You rotten little bastard!” Steve screamed.

“Steve, let go of Alex,” Angel said. “Alex, let’s talk.”

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