Reality Engine: Page 136

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As The Crew watched the tragedy unfold on Earth, something hit the ship. An alarmed sounded and the screen flashed red with white text.

“Ship attacked,” the ship’s computer said. “Shields activated.”

“Give me a visual,” Angel said.

The screen showed a Kratos Army ship.

“How did they find us?” Shelly asked.

“I don’t know,” Angel said. “It’s only one ship, so we can take it on.”

Angel turned the ship around to face the Kratos Army ship.

It was like an old western movie in space. Both ships faced each other in a standstill, ready to fire. Before either ship fired, though,

Angel called the other ship.

“How did you find us?” Angel asked.

“We put a tracking device on your ship,” Glacier said. “So, you can run all you like, we’ll find you.”

“Do you know what you can do with the reality engine?”

“Of course I do. Why do you ask?”

Angel blasted the Kratos Army ship with a blue beam.

“What did you do?” Shelly asked.

“Remember when I said the reality engine had technology similar to Bluetooth? Well, I used the reality engine to freeze the Kratos

Army ship in time. So they won’t follow us anymore. Then again, other Kratos Army ships may find us. We need to disable the tracking device.”

“Are we just going to leave the Kratos Army ship there?” Shelly asked.

“No,” Angel said. “Leaving anything frozen in time will break the spacetime continuum.”

Angel used a massive energy cannon to destroy the Kratos Army ship, killing everybody in it.

The Crew witnessed the massive destruction of the Kratos Army ship in complete shock.

“You’ve killed them,” Alex said.

“We had no choice,” Angel said.

“We could have taken the tracking device off of the ship, and we could have fled.”

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