Reality Engine: Page 132

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“Who do you think painted all of these?” Joe asked.

“Who do you think?”

A short while later, the Leviathans arrived at the camp.

“You’re calling yourselves the Black Dogs, now,” Rocko said. “Don’t you know that Black Dogs are often associated with hellhounds? It seems like you want to start a war with us. I got good news, you got it.”

Larry walked up to Rocko.

“Run,” Larry said coldly.

Rocko didn’t reply. Instead, he slapped Larry as hard as he could, giving him a bloody nose. But Larry just gave Rocko a sinister smile.

“You’re fucking with the wrong people,” Larry said.

Frank snuck up from the behind the Leviathans and threw tear gas at them. As the tear gas blinded the Leviathans, the Black Dogs put on their gas masks and they opened fire, even though it was hard to see. The Leviathans fired back, even though the tear gas was burning their eyes.

“Retreat,” Rocko said. “Retreat!”

The Leviathans ran for it, and everything settled down, except for one thing.

“Martha!” Larry screamed. Larry rushed over to Martha, who was on the ground. Martha was shot in the stomach.

“I need help!” Larry screamed.

Martha coughed up blood.

“Its going to be okay,” Larry said to Martha.

But Martha didn’t respond. Her eyes glazed over and she stopped breathing. Larry cried over his wife’s dead body profusely.

Back on the ship, Steve was so overwhelmed by seeing his mother’s death, he got up from his chair and he threw it at the TV. Steve then stormed out of the room, and he broke down in tears in the hallway.
The rest of the The Crew came out of the room.

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