Reality Engine: Page 131

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“We’ll find somewhere to go.”

“I have an idea. We’ll put it to a vote. Who’s willing to fight the Leviathans?”

Seven people raised their hands.

“Who wants to run?” Larry asked.

Six people raised their hands.

“So, it’s decided then. We’ll bring the fight to the Leviathans when we’re ready. If you don’t want to fight, then you can leave. But I hope none of you do.”

Throughout the next few weeks, the Leviathans continued to take half of the camp’s supplies. However, it was reaching a boiling point for some of the campers. One of those people was a middle-aged woman by the name of Rita.

One day, while the Leviathans  picked up their half if the camp’s supply, Rita lost her cool.

“You listen here,” Rita said to Rocko. “We’re sick of this bullshit. Go get your own stuff.”

Rocko looked at Rita and laughed. But out of the blue, Rocko shot Rita in the face and everybody who saw the tragedy screamed in horror. When Rocko shot Rita and got on he drove off without even flinching. Meanwhile, Larry just stood in place. He clinched his fists and he gave the Leviathans an evil stare.

Throughout the next few weeks, the campers prepared for battle. Not only did they stock up on weapons, but they all trained. Since Frank used to be in the military, he gave everybody a crash course in military training.

Eventually, the campers called themselves the Black Dogs and they were ready to take on the Leviathans. They didn’t wait for the Leviathans to arrive, though. At night,  members of the group painted black dogs all over town. That included businesses, houses, and even on the streets. Of course, the Leviathans noticed.

“Looks like a declaration of war,” Rocko said.

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