Reality Engine: Page 130

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“I know,” Larry said. “We need to hide our supplies better, especially our weapons. That can’t be hard to do.”

Throughout the week, everybody at the camp gathered supplies and they hid one third of them. Some people dug up graves and they buried some of their guns in them. The women used lip-loss and lipstick containers to hide medications such as painkillers. Larry turned off the valve of the toilet, and flushed it so the tank wouldn’t fill up. Larry then placed a few bottles of water in plastic bags and placed them in the toilet tank. As a further safety measure, Larry actually wiped the inside of the toilet tank. Other members of the camp done the same thing in their cabins. Finally, everybody hid large quantities of food behind false walls in their cabins.

The Leviathans returned two days earlier than expected.

“You’re early,” Larry said.

“I’m not going to give you the time to hide your stuff,” Rocko said. “Anyway, Leviathans, take what we need!”

The Leviathans raided the camp, while the campers watched in horror. Luckily, though, none of them have spotted any of the supplies that the campers have hidden. The Leviathans loaded their van and they headed off.

That night, the campers gathered around the campfire.

“My idea to hide some of our supplies worked,” Larry said. “We’ll keep this up for a few more weeks. I want to look for weapons. Once we gather enough weapons, we’ll go to war with the Leviathans.”

“That means we’ll be putting our lives on the line,” Li said.

“I know. But we can’t give these bikers our stuff forever.”

“I’d say we pack up and leave.”

“Where will we go?”

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