Reality Engine: Page 129

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“How do you think I feeling?” Shelly asked with her voice shaking. “Dad lied to us. He told us that he was deployed, when all this time we rode off with his biker buddies. And Mom just deserted us.”

Michael didn’t know what to say. Mainly because he was caught up in his own emotions. Michael was sad, disappointed and angry.

“You know what, who cares about them?” Michael said. “When is your baby due?”

“A few weeks,” Shelly said. “Well, I know one thing, you and Steve are going to be better parents than Mom or Dad ever could be. Learn from their mistakes and make your own.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Steve and I will be better parents. I think we’re going to be great parents, and you’re going to be a great uncle.”

“I’m not that old.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Let’s go back inside and see what else is happening back on Earth.”

“Might as well.”

Back on Earth, the Leviathans loaded a van with half of the camp’s supply. Right before Rocko and Joe got into the van, Larry briefly chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Rocko asked.

“You’re all bikers, and yet, you’re driving a van.”

“That’s because we’re on dirt road. Are you retarded or something? I’m sorry, I meant to ask, are you slow? I can’t believe I’m caving into political correctness.”

Rocko got into the van and the Leviathans drove off.

That night, everybody at the camp gathered around the campfire.

“We can’t keep giving these bikers half of our suppies,” Martha said.

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