Reality Engine Abridged: Part 5

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“We’ve been on this ship for three months and we didn’t even think about what happened to Earth,” Shelly said.

“Why do you suppose that is?” Steve asked.

“It’s probably because we’ve been distracted,” Angel said. “I can connect the reality engine to the ship via Bluetooth. When you’re done eating breakfast, you can come to the bridge and we can see what happened to Earth.”

The Space Time Menders headed to the bridge of the ship about fifteen minutes later.

“Are you all ready?” Angel asked.

“We’re ready,” Shelly said.

Angel showed the Space Time Menders what happened to Earth, shortly after they left.

The Kratos Army ships hovered over the St. John’s Metropolitan Area.

Every radio, TV, and phone received the same transmission.

“Greetings, people of Earth,” Glacier said. “We come in peace. We’re from a planet called Oberon. We’ve come to Earth looking for a machine. It looks like an aqua-colored trailer with no windows. It’s located somewhere within this region. The sooner we find this machine, the sooner we will leave. I have soldiers who will look for the machine. If any of you have any information about this machine, let us know and we will reward you. End transmission.”

“Glacier,” Clarence said. “One of our ships just left Earth.”

“Then send one our other ships to follow it,” Glacier said.

“Wait. I’m getting a visual of the ship’s interior. What the hell?”

“What is it?”

“Angel is in that ship that left and she got a group of young people there as well.”

“That must be Angel’s ship disguised as one of ours. She must have the reality engine. After her!”

The Kratos Army took their ships and they left Earth. They followed Angel’s ship at warp speed.

“We’ll never catch them,” Clarence said.

“Yes we will,” Glacier said.

The Kratos Army ships chased after Angel’s space-time-dimension ship for as long as they could, but Angel’s ship got away.

“What do we do now?” Clarence asked.

“I don’t know,” Glacier said.

“At least Earth is safe,” Shelly said. “But Glacier is looking for us.”

“It’s unlikely they’ll find us,” Steve said.

Something blasted the ship.

“Ship under attack,” the computer said. “Shields activated.”

“Identify threat,” Angel said.

“It’s me,” Glacier said over the speakers.

“Glacier,” Angel said. “How did you find us?”

“The reality engine is a massive source of energy. It wasn’t hard to lock onto it. By the way, don’t bother trying to escape, because I have your ship in a tractor beam. Also, I can see you on your security cameras. So, Angel, if you try to go into the reality engine control room and turn back time, and change course, I’ll blast your ship.”

“If you destroy this ship, you’ll also destroy the reality engine. If you destroy the reality engine, you could cause a time storm which could rip the universe apart.”

“True. But I can blast your ship with an electromagnetic pulse. It will disable all of your systems, including your oxygen. I’m sure we could get the reality engine up and running again.”

“So, that’s how it goes. If you can’t have the reality engine, nobody can.”

“Pretty much.”

“Why do you want the reality engine so bad?”

“So I can take over the galaxy, one planet at a time.”

Angel paused for a moment, thinking about what to do next.

“I have an idea,” Shelly said. “We’ll fight for it in a tournament.”

“I don’t have to agree to this. Or is it ‘agree with this?’ Whichever one is grammatically correct.”

“What’s the matter? Are you chicken?”

“Nobody calls me chicken! You’re on. There’s a planet nearby that has air like on Earth and Oberon. On that planet, there’s an island. We will meet there. I’ll send you the coordinates. We should be there within a day. Signing off.”

“Shelly, what have you done?” Angel asked.

“Trust me, I have a plan,” Shelly said.

The next day, the Space Time Menders and the Kratos Army landed on a planet that was seemingly devoid of sentient life. More specifically, they all landed on a small deserted island.

The rules of the tournament were as followed.

Each team will have a team captain. The captain will not compete in the tournament. Instead, their job is to call strategy. That includes who enters each match.

There will be seven competitors on each team.

Every member of each group will enter in at least one match.

There are only two competitors per match.

Powers and weapons are allowed.

You can win a match if your opponent no longer can fight or if he or she gives up.

The tournament is single elimination.

“I choose Clarence as my first fighter,” Glacier said.

“I choose Allison,” Shelly said.

“Are you sure?” Allison asked.

“Yes. You’re an excellent fighter. You got this.”

The first match was Clarence VS Allison.

Allison kept throwing kicks, and Clarence kept blocking them.

“Come on, fight back!” Allison said.

Clarence gave Allison a front-kick, but Allison grabbed Clarence’s foot and tripped him up. Clarence was so enraged that he jumped to his feet and he kept hitting Allison rapidly like a school yard bully. Allison managed to block a few of Clarence’s hits, but she wasn’t a match for Clarence.

It looked like Clarence was going to win, but out of nowhere, Allison developed super speed. Allison kept kicking and punching Clarence using her super speed until he passed out from the pain.

“Clarence!” Glacier screamed. Glacier ran to Clarence’s side. “Clarence, wake up!”

Clarence slowly opened his eyes. “I need as aspirin,” he said in a soft, raspy voice.

Glacier smiled at Clarence.

“So, it seems like you all have special powers,” Glacier said. “How about we speed things up? Soldiers, attack!”

Angel and the Space Time Menders fought 20 Kratos Soldiers. During the battle, the Space Time Menders discovered their powers.

Sarah had the power of fire. Three soldiers ganged up on Sarah. They pointed their guns at Sarah. However, Sarah kept throwing fireballs at them with rapid-fire delivery.

Melody had the power of water. While Sarah took on three soldiers, a Kratos soldier fired his gun at Melody. During that time, however, Melody turned into water. Melody then returned to her solid state, completely unharmed. Melody then turned her attention to the ocean and she used her powers to conjure up a tidal wave.

While Melody was in the process of conjuring up a tidal wave, Shelly saw that a Kratos soldier was about to shoot Melody.

“Melody!” Shelly screamed. The soldier fired his gun. However, Shelly jumped behind Melody, blocking the gunshot.

“Shelly!” Melody screamed.

“I’m okay,” Shelly said. “I guess I have the power to create shields or something.”

“Cover me, while I create a tidal wave.”


While all of this was happening, several soldiers kept firing at Allison. However, she was too fast. These Kratos soldiers kept shooting at Allison until they ran out of ammunition.
A couple of Kratos soldiers held Steve and Michael and gunpoint.

“Any last words?” a soldier asked.

“Before you shoot my brother and my friend, you might as well shoot me as well,” Alex said as he walked by Steve’s side.

“What the hell are you doing?” Steve asked.

“We need to give up. Go ahead, shoot us.”

The soldiers didn’t hesitate; they fired their guns at Michael, Steve and Alex. When the soldiers fired their guns, bullets didn’t fly out of the barrels. Bubbles came out instead. Alex used his reality warping powers to change the bullets to bubbles. Michael walked up one the soldiers and grabbed his gun and he snapped it in half like a twig. Meanwhile, Steve discovered that he telekinesis, because he flung several soldiers, several feet in the air by waving his hand.

“Tidal wave!” Shelly screamed. Allison used her super speed to help her friends back to the ship before the tidal wave struck land.

“We won’t make it off the ground before the tidal wave hits,” Angel said. “Hold on tight.”

The tidal wave washed away everything on the island, including the Kratos Army ships, as well as Angel’s ship. The tidal wave destroyed most of the Kratos Army ships, but Glacier’s ship as well as Angel’s ship remained in one piece. Angel’s ship ended up on a beach and Glacier’s ship ended up in a forest.

“Is everybody all right?” Angel asked.

Steve was on the floor unconscious.

“Steve!” Shelly yelled.

“Help me get Steve to the infirmary,” Angel said.

Angel did whatever she could to save Steve. She was in the infirmary with Steve for what seemed like forever.

“How is he?” Shelly asked.

“He hit his head pretty hard,” Angel said. “He’s out-cold, but he’ll be alright.. The only thing we can do is to wait for him to wake up.”

“You don’t know if he’ll wake up, do you?”

“I’m afraid not. But he will eventually. In the meantime, most of the systems of the ship are damaged. We’re actually running on emergency power. I’m assuming Glacier and the Kratos Army are trapped on this planet as well. It looks like we’ve entered a new chapter in our travels.”
The Libertas Army found the Space Time Menders and The Kratos Army shortly they arrived on this unknown planet. The Libertas Army outnumbered the Kratos Army.
Glacier was arrested for inciting a war between Earth and Oberon, and for attempting to steal the reality engine. The Libertas Army brought the reality back to Oberon, and Angel brought the Space Time Menders back to Earth.

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