Reality Engine Abridged: Part 1

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In the beginning, there was Tempus, the god of time. There was also Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos.

Together, they’ve created a new universe. Tempus and Chaos had four children: Aquatar, the god of water; Iggy, the god of fire; Arial, the goddess of air; and Terra, the goddess of the land.
The deities resided on a planet called Oberon with humans, and reptilians. The gods and goddesses of Oberon followed three laws.

• Don’t alter the laws of nature.
• Don’t take away free will.
• Don’t get involved in mortal affairs.

However, Aquatar impregnated a mortal woman, and they had a daughter whom they’ve named Glacier.

Because of Aquatar’s act of treason, he had to give up his powers, and live as a mortal. His powers were put on the line in a tournament.

Even though Glacier was half-mortal, she was forbidden to get involved with human affairs, and she had to live as a goddess.

Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos, broke the third law by helping a little girl named Celeste.

Celeste lived with her parents. Even when Celeste was an adult, her parents would still tell her what to do. They had often resorted to various tactics such as gas lighting, vague threats, and violence to get
Celeste to do their bidding. Celeste couldn’t turn to the authorities, because the people of Oberon had no concept of child abuse. The only thing that Celeste could do was to pray to the gods.

One evening, while Celeste prayed in her room, an old woman appeared to her.

“Hello, Celeste,” the old woman said.

“Who are you?” Celeste asked.

“I’m Chaos. I’m the goddess of the cosmos.”

“Are you here to punish my parents?”

“I would love to. But I have a better idea. I will send you somewhere else. You will struggle at first, but your life will get better.”

“Okay. Send me there, then.”

Chaos used her powers to create a wormhole.

“This wormhole will take you away from your parents,” Chaos said. “Go!”
Right before Celeste entered the wormhole, her parents entered her room.

“What is going on?” Celeste’s father asked.
Chaos slammed the door. Celeste’s father tried to open the door, but Chaos locked it.

“Go, Child!” Chaos bellowed.
Celeste stepped into the wormhole without looking back.
Sometime later, Chaos’s peers put her on trial for getting involved in mortal affairs and she was found guilty. As punishment, Chaos had to give up her powers. Therefore, she had to live as a mortal. But Chaos would not be alone. Tempus, the god of time, voluntarily gave up his powers so he could live as a mortal with Chaos.

“You can’t do that,” Chaos said. “You even said that time and space is ripping itself apart.”

“I’ve chosen a select few that will repair time and space,” Tempus said.
Tempus and Chaos’ put their powers on the line in a tournament.
The last match of the tournament was between Glacier and Iggy.
Glacier and Iggy fought across the entire galaxy, causing massive destruction to various planets. The battle ended in North Oberon.
Glacier rammed Iggy through an ice cave. The both of them were on the ground, flat on their backs. However, Glacier managed to get on her feet, but Iggy couldn’t.
The winner of the tournament: Glacier.

Sometime later, Glacier was in her ice palace celebrating. She walked around the palace, talking to everybody like they were her friends. Glacier eventually visited the science lab.

“Status report?” Glacier asked.

“We’ve tested the machine repeatedly,” one of the scientists said. “It’s impossible to create a machine to manipulate time and to see into multiple timelines.”

“No worries. I have Chaos’ and Tempus’ powers. So, you can scrap this project if you want. But thanks for the effort.”
Suddenly, Glacier felt weak, and she had a sharp pain in her stomach. She also noticed that she was glowing.

“What’s happening to me!” Glacier screamed.

“Your body can’t handle that much power,” one of the scientist said.

“And nobody told me this?”

“We thought that was common sense.”
Glacier transferred her powers that she got from Tempus and Chaos into the machine.

At that point, the machine lit up like a Christmas tree.

“It worked,” one of the scientists said. “It actually worked!”
Everybody in the lab celebrated.

“Excellent,” Glacier said. “I have big plans.”

“What would those plans be?” asked a man wearing a suit.

“Hello, Clarence,” Glacier said. “How is my love?”

“I’m doing good. Congratulations on winning the tournament. So, what are your plans?”

“Having scientists work for me and falling in love with a mortal is getting involved in mortal affairs, which is breaking a deity rule. I will use this machine to turn back time and make sure we don’t make that rule. It will be easier than cutting through all that red tape. After that, I will form a plan to take over Oberon.”

Clarence looked at the machine. “Is that the project you’ve been working on?” he asked.

The machine that Clarence was referring to looked like an aqua-colored, metal trailer. Instead of windows, it had a screen. It also had a door and it had two arrow-shaped lights. One light pointed to the left, while the other pointed to the right.

“Yes, and it finally works,” Glacier said.

“What do you call it?” Clarence asked.

“I’ll call it a reality engine.”


One day, Steve was at work. Steve was content. However, the manager, Richard Big, decided to humiliate Steve during a staff meeting.

“Steve, I know this store is always busy, we have one person bringing in the carts at a time, and you’re only allowed to bring in five carts at a time,” Richard said in front of the staff members. “But I still need you to keep the lobby filled with carts. Otherwise, you won’t be here much longer. That’s all I wanted to say. Back to work.”

Steve went back to work as if nothing happened. However, at lunch time, Steve was visibly furious. He even slammed his lunch on the table. As Steve sat down, a girl with long brown hair and piercing brown eyes sat next to him. The name on her name tag was Shelly.

“You’re still pretty pissed about Dick humiliating you, aren’t you?” Shelly asked.

“Yup,” Steve said.  “What time are you off?”

“I’m off at 5.”

“Oh. I’m not off until 6. Anyway, my break is over. I’ll see you on Monday.”


That Monday, Steve ate lunch in the cafeteria by himself. That is until Shelly joined him.

“Having lunch by yourself?” Shelly asked.

“Yup,” Steve said.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Go ahead.”

Steve and Shelly talked throughout the lunch period. Unfortunately, though, lunch period ended an hour later.

“Well, see yeah tomorrow,” Shelly said.

“Shelly,” Steve said. “Do you want to hang out the weekend?”

“Sure. Give me your phone, I’ll put my number in your contact list.”

Things were looking up for Steve. However, one of Steve and Shelly’s classmates was going through a very difficult time.

Melody lived next door to Michael and Shelly all of their lives. They all became best friends.

That night, Melody heard a knock on the door. When Melody answered, she saw Sarah crying.

“Sarah!” Melody bellowed. “Come in.”

Melody sat Sarah down on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” Melody asked.

“My parents kicked me out because they found out that I’m gay,” Sarah said.

“How did they find out?”


“Why didn’t you change your privacy settings?”

“I don’t know. Why do people post every aspect of their personal lives on Facebook. ‘I’m gone out for the day.’ That’s great. Now I can rob you.”

Melody’s mother, Brenda came home, and she saw Sarah crying on the couch.

“What’s going on?” Brenda asked.

“Sarah’s parents kicked her out because they found out she’s gay,” Melody said.

 “Sorry. Listen, Sarah. If you have nowhere to go, you can stay here for as long as you need.”

“Thank you,” Sarah said..

Sarah was relieved that she had a place to live. In fact, she managed to stop crying for a few seconds.

“I don’t understand why my parents can’t accept me for who I am,” Sarah said.

“Most people of my generation were raised to believe that being gay is unnatural and immoral,” Brenda said. “Most people of my generation are stuck in their ways.”

“You’re pretty opened-minded.”

“I have to be.”

Sarah noticed Melody smiling.

“Melody, are you?” Sarah asked.

“Yup,” Melody said.

The next day, Melody made plans to eat lunch with Steve, Shelly, and Sarah.

“I’ve been best friends with Michael and Shelly since we were kids,” Melody said. “They won’t care that you’re gay. They know I am.”

“What about that guy, Steve?” Sarah said.

“I know Steve. He won’t care.”

Steve, Shelly, Melody, and Sarah sat together in the cafeteria. Melody introduced Sarah to her friends and vice versa.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” Melody asked Shelly.

“Steve and I are going to Bowring Park,” Shelly said. “What about you?”

“Nothing yet. Are you and Steve dating?”

“Saturday will be our first date.”

“Awesome. You know, I have studying to do this weekend. Sarah, want to help me?”

“Sure,” Sarah said.

That Saturday, Steve and Shelly headed to the park. They spent most of the day there. That evening, Steve and Shelly waited for the bus. As they waited, it started to rain.

“Shelly,” Steve said. “I’m about to do something that’s extremely cliché.”

“What’s that?” Shelly asked.

Steve gave Shelly a slow and passionate kiss.

“Yup, that’s definitely cliché. But cliché is good, very good.”

Steve and Shelly got on the bus and they headed to Shelly’s house. Shelly’s mother was working, and her father was deployed. However, Michael was home. When Steve and Shelly arrived at the house, they went to Shelly’s room. They made out on Shelly’s bed for a few minutes. However, the sound of Michael playing video games distracted Shelly.

“Well, this is distracting,” Shelly said.

“Not to me, it isn’t,” Steve said.

“Well it is to me. Michael has done nothing but play video games ever since he and Nikki broke up.”

“So, that’s what you’ve though about while we were making out?”

“Come on.”

Steve and Shelly made their way downstairs and into the living room.

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