Reality Engine: Page 42

Nikki couldn’t believe it. She and Michael were sharing a slow-dance. “I love this song,” Nikki said. “Me too,” Michael said. “Michael, there’s something that I have to tell you.” “I like you too. I mean, I like, like you.” Nikki’s eyes lit up like two stars from a distance. “Really?” Nikki asked. “Yes,” Michael […]

Reality Engine: Page 41

Chapter 5 “So, some idiot compared being gay to being a murderer.” “I know, right. It’s pretty sad that homophobia is a strong as ever, even in the 21st century.” Shelly’s house – Present Day… “How long has Sarah lived with Melody?” Steve asked. “About a month,” Shelly said. “Anyway, I need to get Michael […]

Reality Engine: Page 40

“So, why is Sarah living with Melody and her family?” “Because her family kicked her out.” “Brutal.” Sarah and Melody knew each other since grade 10. By grade 11, they became a couple. Sarah went over to Melody’s house, late one night. “Sarah, it’s late,” Melody said. Sarah was crying profusely. “My parents kicked me […]

Reality Engine: Page 39

“Sure. Follow me.” Monica and Frank walked for several minutes. Eventually, they came to the field. “There it is,” Frank said. “I don’t believe it,” Monica said. “This is the place.” “What are you getting on with?” “Martha and I used to play in this field. But we fell down a hole. That’s how we […]

Reality Engine: Page 38

Sometime later on planet Oberon… “What do you mean, you can’t find Monica?” Glacier asked. “I thought Monica’s space-time-dimension ship had a tracker on it.” “It did,” Clarence said. “But it’s not working.” “We’ll have to go to plan C then. We’ll send our army to Earth.” “But that could take years to do.” “It […]

Reality Engine: Page 37

“That’s some small.” “It’s only smaller on the outside.” “So, you have a machine that you can use to travel through time and a space, it’s bigger on the inside and it looks like something else. Isn’t that copyright issue?” “Not if it’s a parody. Anyway, I need your help. I’m looking for a machine […]

Reality Engine: Page 36

“Give me your lunch money,” Carrie said. “No,” Emily said. “What did you say?” Carrie asked. “I said, no.” “You’re going to get it after school.” Since Emily had her powers, she felt fearless for the first time in her life. Emily and Carrie met on the baseball field and they fought each other. However, […]

Reality Engine: Page 35

The next day, at lunchtime, Emily made her way to the cafeteria, but Carrie blocked her way. “Give me your lunch money,” Carrie said. “No,” Emily said in a soft voice. An uneasy silence filled the hallway. “What did you just say?” Carrie asked. “I’m not giving you my lunch money,” Emily said nervously. Carrie […]

Reality Engine: Page 34

“Are you nuts?” Martha looked at Larry with murder is her eyes. “Sorry, wrong choice of words,” Larry said. Later that day, Martha used the reality engine to see what could happen once Monica was released from the mental hospital. On the screen, Martha saw Monica and a woman whom she have never seen before. […]

Reality Engine: Page 33

“It’s because I told you a similar story when you were six years old.” “What are you saying?” “Your mother and I are from a planet called Oberon.” “So, I’m part-alien?” “Yes, but not in the way you think. Humans inhabit other planets besides Earth. Oberon is one of them. Anyway, I want to tell […]