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I’ve published several versions of this novel. This is the final version. I was going to name this novel “Space Time Menders”, but I’ve decided to call it “Reality Engine”. Not only is the reality engine a plot device in the novel, but it’s also a metaphor for the realities that we create in our minds, which is a theme that’s in this novel.

Reality Engine will be divided into different episodes. Most of the episodes will be divided into multiple parts. I will post each episode on this website randomly. Here’s a preview of Reality Engine.

“Status report?” Glacier asked.

“We’ve tested the machine repeatedly,” one of the scientists said. “It’s impossible to create a machine to manipulate time and to see into multiple timelines.”

“No worries. I have Chaos’ and Tempus’ powers. So, you can scrap this project if you want. But thanks for the effort.”

Suddenly, Glacier felt weak, and she had a sharp pain in her stomach. She also noticed that she was glowing.

“What’s happening to me!” Glacier screamed.

“Your body can’t handle that much power,” one of the scientist said.

“And nobody told me this?”

“We thought that was common sense.”

Glacier transferred her powers that she got from Tempus and Chaos into the machine.

At that point, the machine lit up like a Christmas tree.

“It worked,” one of the scientists said. “It actually worked!”

Everybody in the lab celebrated.

“Excellent,” Glacier said. “I have big plans.”

“What would those plans be?” asked a man wearing a suit.

“Hello, Clarence,” Glacier said. “How is my love?”

Clarence looked at the machine. “Is that the project you’ve been working on?” he asked.

The machine that Clarence was referring to looked like an aqua-colored, metal trailer. Instead of windows, it had a screen. It also had a door and it had two arrow-shaped lights. One light pointed to the left, while the other pointed to the right.

“Yes, and it finally works,” Glacier said.

“What do you call it?” Clarence asked.

“I’ll call it a reality engine.”

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