Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 1

November 16, 2018
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In the beginning, there was Tempus, the god of time. There was also Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos. Together, they’ve created the universe. Tempus and Chaos had four children: Aquatar, the god of water; Iggy, the god of fire; Arial, the goddess of air; and Terra, the goddess of the land.

The deities resided on a planet called Oberon with other deities, humans, and reptilians. The gods and goddesses of Oberon followed three laws.
• Don’t alter the laws of nature.
• Don’t take away free will.
• Don’t get involved in mortal affairs.

However, Aquatar impregnated a mortal woman, and they had a daughter whom they’ve named Glacier.

Because of Aquatar’s act of treason, he had to give up his powers, and live as a mortal. His powers were put on the line in a tournament against mortals, repitilians and gods.

Even though Glacier was half-mortal, she was forbidden to get involved with human affairs, and she had to live as a goddess.

Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos, broke the third law by helping a little girl named Celeste.

Celeste lived with her parents. Even when Celeste was an adult, her parents would still tell her what to do. They had often resorted to various tactics such as gas lighting vague threats, and violence to get Celeste to do their bidding.

Celeste couldn’t turn to the authorities, because the people of Oberon had no concept of child abuse. The only thing that Celeste could do was to pray to the gods.

One evening, while Celeste prayed in her room, an old woman appeared to her.

“Hello, Celeste,” the old woman said.

“Who are you?” Celeste asked.

“I’m Chaos. I’m the goddess of the cosmos.”

“Are you here to punish my parents?”

“I would love to. But I have a better idea. I will send you somewhere else. You will struggle at first, but your life will get better.”

“Okay. Send me there, then.”

Chaos used her powers to create a wormhole.

“This wormhole will take you away from your parents,” Chaos said. “Go!”

Right before Celeste entered the wormhole, her parents entered her room.

“What is going on?” Celeste’s father asked.

Chaos slammed the door. Celeste’s father tried to open the door, but Chaos locked it.

“Go, Child!” Chaos bellowed.

Celeste stepped into the wormhole without looking back.

Sometime later, Chaos’s peers put her on trial for getting involved in mortal affairs and she was found guilty. As punishment, Chaos had to give up her powers. Therefore, she had to live as a mortal.

But Chaos would not be alone. Tempus, the god of time, voluntarily gave up his powers so he could live as a mortal with Chaos.

“You can’t do that,” Chaos said. “You even said that time and space is ripping itself apart.”

“I’ve chosen a select few that will repair time and space,” Tempus said.

Tempus and Chaos’ put their powers on the line in a tournament.

The last match of the tournament was between Glacier and Iggy.

Glacier and Iggy fought across the entire galaxy, causing massive destruction to various planets. The battle ended in North Oberon.

Glacier rammed Iggy through an ice cave. The both of them were on the ground, flat on their backs. However, Glacier managed to get on her feet, but Iggy couldn’t.

The winner of the tournament: Glacier.

Sometime later, Glacier was in her ice palace celebrating. She walked around the palace, talking to everybody like they were her friends. Glacier eventually visited the science lab, in the palace’s basement.

“Status report?” Glacier asked.

“We’ve tested the machine repeatedly,” one of the scientists said. “It’s impossible to create a machine to manipulate time and space, and to see into multiple timelines.”

“No worries. I have Chaos’ and Tempus’ powers. So, you can scrap this project if you want. But thanks for the effort.”

Suddenly, Glacier felt weak, and she had a sharp pain in her stomach. She also noticed that she was glowing.

“What’s happening to me!” Glacier screamed.

“Your body can’t handle that much power,” one of the scientist said.

“And nobody told me this?”

“We thought that was common sense.”

Glacier transferred her powers that she got from Tempus and Chaos into the machine.

At that point, the machine lit up like a Christmas tree.

“It worked,” one of the scientists said. “It actually worked!”

Everybody in the lab celebrated.

“Excellent,” Glacier said. “I have big plans.”

“What would those plans be?” asked a man wearing a suit.

“Hello, Clarence,” Glacier said. “How is my love?”

“I’m doing good. Congratulations on winning the tournament. So, what are your plans?”

“Having scientists work for me and falling in love with a mortal is considered getting involved in mortal affairs. I will use this machine to turn back time find a way to appeal that law. It will be easier than cutting through all that red tape. After that, I will form a plan to take over Oberon.”

Clarence looked at the machine. “Is that the project you’ve been working on?” he asked.

The machine that Clarence was referring to looked like an aqua-colored, metal trailer. Instead of windows, it had a screen. It also had a door and it had two arrow-shaped lights. One light pointed left, while the other pointed right.

“Yes, and it finally works,” Glacier said.

“What do you call it?” Clarence asked.

“I’ll call it a reality engine.”

Planet Oberon is divided into different countries.

Glacier had a meeting with Oural, who is the president of a country called Libertas.

“I’ll cut to the chance,” President Oural said. “On behalf of all of our world leaders, we have evidence that you are abusing the reality engine.”

“What is this evidence?” Glacier asked.

“There have been several cases of experiencing déjà vu as well as the Mandela effect. Speaking of which, as I recall, you were always legally recognized as a deity throughout most of your life. But apparently, for the past 10 years or so, you’ve have been declared legally moral.”

“And that’s why I’ve become the leader of the great country of Kratos. Anyway, you don’t have any proof that I did anything. It’s all one big coincidence.”

“Either way, our two countries already had a war, we don’t want another one.”

“Yes. I remember. Both countries fought over oil; a war that you started. I remember all the bullets flying in multiple directions, fighter ships crashing and burning, buildings exploding, and so many people screaming in agony. Good times.”

“I propose a tournament. Both countries send both of their best fighters to compete. The winning country gets control of the reality engine.”


“Glacier, this might be a good idea,” Clarence said. “Think about it. We could put this tournament on pay-per-view. It would really help the economy.”

Glacier sat down in silence for a moment.

“If this tournament is successful, it could be a part of an international conflict resolution act,” President Oural said.”

“I’ll agree to the tournament under the following conditions,” Glacier said. “First, I want the tournament to take place and to be officiated from people outside of Libertas and Kratos. Secondly, I want this tournament to be broadcasted on pay-per-view. Finally, I want every federal leader on Oberon to approve of this tournament. Until then, I’ll keep the reality engine to myself.”

“You got a deal.”

Earth – 1983

Monica and Martha were twin sisters. Throughout her childhood, Monica kept insisting that she and Martha were from another planet. Eventually, Monica’s parents brought her to see a psychologist.

One day, as Monica sat in an office, a tall man with glasses walked in.

“Hello, Monica,” the man said. “My name is Dr. Noble. But you call me Don. Anything you tell me will be between us. But if I think you’re going to hurt yourself, I’ll have to tell someone. Do you understand?”

Monica nodded her head.

“Excellent,” Dr. Noble said. “Your parents tell me that you and your sister are from a planet called Oberon. What can you tell me about that planet?”

“You won’t believe me,” Monica said. “Nobody does.”

“You don’t know that. The universe is such a large place. There’s no way Earth is the only planet that has intelligent life. So, what can you tell me about Oberon?”

“It has people, just like Earth. On Oberon, the grass is pink.”

“I see. How did you and Martha end up on Earth?”

“We played in a field one day, and we fell down a plot hole. That’s when we came to Earth.”

“Your parents adopted you and Martha, right?”


“Since your birth parents left you behind, do you feel like you don’t belong, like an alien?”

After a few therapy sessions, Monica stopped talking about Oberon. However, she had another issue to deal with, her sister.

Monica and Martha got along sometimes. But they didn’t most of the time.

Sometimes, Monica would get in trouble for that reason.

One night, at the age of 17, Martha got drunk at a party. She noticed a guy wearing a white button-up shirt, sitting on the couch.

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