Chapter 4: Monica’s Revenge: Part 4

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While Steve was working, Larry had to deal with his father.

“Well, this living room looks pretty clean,” Frank said. “That can only mean one thing, Martha did it all.”

“Watch your mouth, Dad,” Larry said.

“I’m your father. You show me respect, Buddy Boy. And get a shave. You look like a terrorist.”

Frank told Larry to get a shave, even though Larry didn’t have a single strand a facial hair, while Frank had a long thick beard.”

“I’m 38 years old, Dad!” Larry said. “Quit telling me what to do!”

“What’s going on here?” Martha asked as she walked downstairs.

“Your husband won’t listen to me,” Frank said

A knock on the door interrupted the conversation.

“I’ll get it,” Martha said. When Martha answered the door, there was Monica.

“Hello, Sis!” Monica said.

“Monica, what are you doing here?” Martha asked.

“I just want to talk. You put me in the mental hospital.”

“I had no choice. You needed help.”

Some time ago, Monica came over to Martha’s house for a visit.

“When are you and John getting married?” Martha asked.

“Will you stop asking me that?” Monica asked.

“Well, here’s a question, how have you’ve been able to afford to travel the
world for all of these years? Or those years. Whichever one is grammatically correct.”

“John’s into the stock market. Anyway, I have something to tell you. It turns out that I was right. Oberon is a real planet, and we’re from there. John is from there too. He told me years ago, and I’ve kept it a secret, ever since.”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve been feeling guilty.”

Present Day…

“Planet Oberon doesn’t exist and you still think it does. I had no choice.”

“That’s funny. Our mental hospitals will turn away people who are suicidal, but they’ll evaluate somebody who’s from another planet. I don’t know how you did it, but I don’t care.”

Monica slowly walked toward Martha with a crazed look in her eyes.

“Larry, help me!” Martha yelled.”

“Well, excuse me, Princess,” Larry said. “It’s not my fault we live in a society where men can’t hit women under any circumstances.”

Monica had her hands on Martha’s throat. But before she could cause any injuries, Frank snuck up behind Monica and he knocked her out with a karate chop to the back of the head.

“Frank, you saved my life,” Martha said. “Thank you.”

Steve interrupted the conversation when he busted into the house.

“Mom, Dad,” Steve said. “Aunt Monica escaped from the mental hospital!”

Steve then noticed Monica on the floor.

“Uh, what happened?” Steve asked.

“I saved your parents’ lives,” Frank said. “Well, I’m moving out.”

“Are you sure?” Larry asked.

“Yes. You have kids of your own. It’s about you stop depending on me. I’ll be out of here in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I’m going for a walk.”

A short while later, Glacier contacted John through an intergalactic communicator. John was sitting in the living room of his apartment. He placed his communicator on the coffee table and it emitted a hologram of Glacier.

“How could you trust that woman?” John asked.

“According to our Intel, she or her sister knows where the reality engine is,” Glacier said.

“But she’s more occupied on petty revenge. I broke her out of the mental hospital to help us, and she tried to kill her sister. Now she’s back in the mental hospital.”

“In that case, we’ll have to wait for her to get out on her own. She’s our best chance we got to find the reality engine. Besides, you’ve known her for years and you still don’t trust her?”

“Not anymore, I don’t.”

“That’s fair. But why do you think you wanted her help for so many years?”

John didn’t answer.

“Is it because you like her?” Glacier asked.

“No,” John said. “We’re just friends.”

“Friends with benefits?”

“No! What’s with these personal questions?”

“I’m just curious. Anyway, I have another plan.”

Six months later…

Emily kept having these strange dreams. In Emily’s most recent dream, she found herself in a field filled with pink grass. It was a sunny day and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Emily wasn’t alone, though. Her aunt Monica was there as well.

“Hello, Emily,” Monica said.

“Aunt Monica, where are we?” Emily asked.

“We’re dreaming, Emily,” Monica said.


“Yes. We’re communicating through dream telepathy.”

Emily examined her surroundings.

“What is this place?” Emily asked.

“This is Oberon,” Monica said. “Your mother and I used to play in this field when we were kids.. But then we fell down a plot hole and we ended up on Earth. We got lost. But eventually, the police found us. They placed us in an orphanage and we were eventually adopted.”

“Why does that sound familiar?”

“It’s because I told you a similar story when you were six years old.”

“What are you saying?”

“Your mother and I are from a planet called Oberon.”

“So, I’m part-alien?”

“Yes, but not in the way you think. Humans inhabit other planets besides Earth. Oberon is just one of them. Anyway, I want to tell you that you have the power to warp reality.”

“Does that mean I can turn water into wine?”

“Yes, and you can do so much more. Most children of Oberon can use their imagination to warp reality. Since your mother and I are from there, you have that power as well. Some children never lose their imagination when they grow up. So they keep their powers. Unfortunately, though, most kids lose their imagination as they get older. Use that power, Emily. Use that power.”

The next morning, when Emily was in her room, she looked in the mirror.

“If I have powers, then I have red hair,” Emily said to herself.

Emily focused on her hair, and it slowly turned red.

“Holy crap!” Emily said. “I really do have powers!”

Emily took photos of herself on her phone. She even took a few photos of herself with her hair over her face, so she could have an idea of what her hair looked like from behind. Once Emily finished taking photos of herself, she flipped her hair back and she turned it back to black.

Meanwhile, Martha was in the kitchen, pacing back and forth.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Larry asked.

“It’s Monica,” Martha said. “Her doctor’s releasing her from the mental hospital. Apparently she showed signs of improvement once she found religion.”

“Huh, you would think religion would keep her in the mental hospital.”

“This is serious! Anyway, Monica’s landlord evicted her from her apartment, since she couldn’t pay the rent, but she’s not staying here. I’ll pay for her to stay at a motel until she gets back on her feet.”

“Are you nuts?”

Martha looked at Larry with murder is her eyes.

“Sorry, wrong choice of words,” Larry said.

Later that day, Martha used the reality engine to see what could happen once Monica was released from the mental hospital. On the screen, Martha saw Monica and a woman whom she has never seen before. She was wearing a vest with a strange-looking crest on it. The woman also had blue lips and she had ice in her long dark hair.

“We’ve finally have our hands on the reality engine,” the woman said. “It’s all thanks to that little girl.”

Was that woman talking about Emily? Martha used the reality engine to find out; she spent the next few days using the reality engine to spy on Emily. The first thing Martha saw was Emily and Jenny eating lunch together their school’s cafeteria.

“Why don’t you stand up for yourself?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t know,” Emily said. “I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“So what if you do? If you stand up for yourself, Carrie will leave you alone.”

“I don’t understand why she’s picking on me.”

“It’s because you’re a loner. Look, she picks on you when there’s so much you can say about her. Carrie wears the same stupid-looking sweater every day.”

“I know, right. It looks like her grandma knitted it.”


The next day, at lunchtime, Emily made her way to the cafeteria, but Carrie blocked her way.

“Give me your lunch money,” Carrie said.

“No,” Emily said in a soft voice.

An uneasy silence filled the hallway.

“What did you just say?” Carrie asked.

“I’m not giving you my lunch money,” Emily said nervously.

Carrie grabbed Emily by the shirt and pinned her against the locker. But Emily didn’t show any fear. Instead, she gave Carrie a sinister smile.

“The fuck are you smiling at?” Carrie asked.

Suddenly, Carrie noticed her hand turning purple. Carrie let go of Emily, and she rolled up her sleeve, just to see that her arm was turning purple as well.

“Hey, Carrie is turning purple,” a student said. “She looks like a giant grape.”

“I never did like fruits,” another student said.

All of the students who were in the hall laughed at Carrie.

“Let’s see what life would be like if you’ve never existed,” Emily said.

Carrie was about to hit Emily, but she slowly vanished into thin air.

Even though Emily erased Carrie from existence, she had a new bully to deal with: Jenny. Emily and Jenny were in the same classes all afternoon.

Throughout the entire time, Jenny kept making fun of Emily because of her height. All the while, the teachers were oblivious to what was going on.

“Jenny, I thought we were friends,” Emily said.

“You’re burnt,” Jenny said. Jenny then shoved Emily into a locker.

While Emily was in the locker, she figured out why Jenny was picking on her. Jenny and Emily became friends because Jenny stood up to Carrie. But since Emily erased Carrie out of existence, Emily and Jenny never became friends. Emily was at a crossroads; she didn’t know whether or not to bring Carrie back into existence. The next day, however, Emily used her powers to bring Carrie back into existence.

Later on that day, Emily was in her bedroom. As she was doing her homework, a portable toilet. appeared out of nowhere.

Emily tilted her head, her jaw dropped to the ground, and she raised an eyebrow. Emily also held her breath. But it wasn’t because of the stench; it was because Emily was in complete shock. It was like something out of a weird dream or a poorly written novel where the author was trying too hard to be funny.

Once the shock wore off, though, Emily slowly walked over to the portable toilet and she gently knocked on the door.

“Is anyone in there?” Emily asked.

The door slowly opened.

“Aunt Monica!” Emily bellowed.

“Keep your voice down,” Monica said in a stern but soft voice.

Emily stared at the portable toilet.

“What’s up with the porta-potty?” Emily asked.

“That’s not a porta-potty,” Monica said. “That’s my ship. I can travel through time and space with it. It looks like a porta-potty because the ship it’s in disguise.”

“That’s some small.”

“It’s only smaller on the outside.”

“So, you have a machine that you can use to travel through time and a space, it’s bigger on the inside and it looks like something else. Isn’t that copyright issue?”

“Not if it’s a parody. Anyway, I need your help. I’m looking for a machine called a reality engine. You can use it to control time. You can also use it to see through all of time and space, including alternate timelines. I need to find it, so I can save the world from an alien invasion.”

“How can I help you?”

“Ask your mother where it is. Imagine that she can’t lie to you.”


“Thanks. Anyway, I got to go. I mean, I have to leave. Goodbye, Emily.”

Monica stepped inside her ship and it disappeared.

As soon as Monica left, Emily went downstairs. She saw her mother on her laptop.

“Mom, I got a question,” Emily asked. “Is there a thing called a reality engine?”

“Yes,” Martha said.

“Where is it?”

“It’s in Paris, in Poppy Jerry and Nanny Nina’s summer home.”

“Okay thanks.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. You’re not going to remember this conversation.”


Since Emily imagined that her mother couldn’t lie to her, Martha lied to herself.

The next day, Monica headed to Paris.

“Bonjour Paris,” Monica said.

Sometime later on planet Oberon…

“What do you mean, you can’t find Monica?” Glacier asked. “I thought Monica’s space-time-dimension ship had a tracker on it.”

“It did,” Clarence said. “But it’s not working.”

“We’ll have to go to plan B then. We’ll send our army to Earth.”

“But that could take years to do.”

“It will be worth the wait. If we capture Monica in the process, then that would be frosting on the cake.”

“I wonder where Monica is now.”

Since Monica had the ship to travel through time and space, she no longer wanted to seek revenge on Martha. Instead, she used her ship to travel through time and space. Martha continued to use the reality engine to spy on her kids. As for Glacier goes, she sent her army to Earth, in search of the reality engine, even though it would take them five years to arrive.

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