Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 8
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

Six months later… Emily kept having these strange dreams. In her most recent dream. Emily was in her room and a tall girl stood where Emily’s reflection was supposed to be. The girl was blond and she didn’t have a face. Emily stood in front of the mirror in shock. But once the shock wore off, she ran out of the room. Emily found herself in a field filled with pink grass. It was a sunny day and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Emily wasn’t alone, though. Her aunt Monica was there as well. “Hello, Emily,” Monica said. “Aunt Monica, where are we?” Emily asked. “We’re dreaming, Emily,” Monica said. “We?” “Yes. We’re communicating through dream telepathy.” Emily examined her surroundings. “What is this place?” Emily asked. “This is Oberon,” Monica said. “Your mother and I used to play in this field when we were kids.. But then we fell down a plot hole and we ended up on Earth. We got lost. But eventually, the police found us. They placed us in an orphanage and we were eventually adopted.” “Why does that sound familiar?” “It’s because I told you a similar story when you were six…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 7
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

While Steve was working, Larry had to deal with his father. “Well, this living room looks pretty clean,” Frank said. “That can only mean one thing, Martha did all the cleaning.” “Watch your mouth, Dad,” Larry said. “I’m your father. You show me respect, Buddy Boy. And get a shave. You look like a terrorist.” Frank told Larry to get a shave, even though Larry didn’t have a single strand a facial hair, while Frank has a long thick beard.” “I’m 38 years old, Dad!” Larry said. “Quit telling me what to do!” “What’s going on here?” Martha asked as she walked downstairs. “Your husband won’t listen to me,” Frank said. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it,” Martha said. When Martha answered the door, there was Monica. “Hello, Sis!” Monica said. “Monica, what are you doing here?” Martha asked. “I just want to talk. You put me in the mental hospital.” “I had no choice. You needed help.” Some time ago, Monica came over to Martha’s house for a visit. “When are you and John getting married?” Martha asked. “Will you stop asking me that?” Monica asked. “Well, here’s a question, how have you’ve been…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 6
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

Martha went to the bathroom, while Larry relaxed on the bed and watched the news. A few minutes later, Martha came out of the bathroom. She wore nothing but a bra and a pair underwear. Both were the color teal. “You really love that color, don’t you?” Larry asked. “You don’t?” Martha asked. “Maybe I should do something about it.” Martha turned around, facing away from Larry. She slowly took off her bra. Once Martha took it off, and she dropped it to the floor. Meanwhile, Larry unbuckled his belt. Suddenly, Larry and Martha heard the fire alarm. As the fire alarm emitted a loud and continuous buzzing sound, Martha quickly put on a robe, while Larry put his belt back on. When Larry, Martha and all the guests made their way outside of the hotel, it was raining. “Happy anniversary,” Larry said. “Shut-up,” Martha said. Meanwhile, Monica put Emily to bed. “Aunt Monica, can you tell me a story?” Emily asked as she crawled into bed. “I’d love to,” Monica said. “Years ago, two little girls played in a field. While they were playing, they fell down a hole. When they came out the other side, they were lost…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 5
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

“What’s on the go?” Martha asked. “I told you, I stopped time,” Angel said. Martha ran back inside the house. “Is this a time machine?” Martha asked, pointing to the room with the control panel. “It’s called a reality engine,” Angel said. Angel then told Martha the history the reality engine. Angel also told Martha about Oberon and how it had different countries. According to Angel, Martha and Monica were born in a country called Libertas. “Thanks to a plot hole, the Libertas government finally found you and your sister,” Angel said. “I’ve been in charge of safekeeping this reality engine for a few years. But our government re-assigned me to another position. I want you to keep the reality engine safe.” “How am I supposed to do that?” “Just don’t let anybody know about this machine. Not even your family.” “What if I refuse?” “I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. But if you agree to it, you can use this machine to make sure your kids have bright futures.” Martha looked around the living room. “I think the living room would look nice if I paint it teal,” Martha said. “Will you keep the…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 4
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

Monica held up the book in front of her. “Where did you get this book?” Monica asked. “My grandfather wrote it,” John said. “Mind if I take it home to read it?” “Okay.” As soon as Monica went home, she sat down on the couch and she read the book immediately, but she returned the book a few nights later. “Interesting book,” Monica said. “Very entertaining.” “Thanks,” John said. “What did you like the most about it?” “Good question. I guess I like how your grandfather wrote it like a history book. I also liked how Oberon is divided into different countries. You normally don’t see that in science fiction.” “Yeah. My grandfather had an active imagination.” “It’s funny. When I was a kid, I’ve convinced myself that my sister and I were from a planet called Oberon. I guess I must have seen this book somewhere and that’s where I came up with the idea.” “What else did you used to say?” “About Oberon? Not much. My sister and I came to Earth through a plot hole. I also told people the grass was pink. I guess I also had one active imagination.” John laughed nervously. “Will you excuse…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 3
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

Later on that day, Martha and Monica went home. As soon as Martha and Monica entered the house, their parents stood by the door with their arms folded. “Are you two okay?” Martha asked. “You two look crooked.” “You talk to them, Nina,” their father said. “Where have you two been?” Nina asked. “Looking for a prom dress,” Martha said. “Somebody told us that you dropped by a drug house.” “Who told you that?” “None of your business! How could you drive your sister there, Monica?” “She’s the one who went inside,” Monica said. “But you fucking drove her there!” “Everybody shut-up!” Martha and Monica’s father said. “Don’t tell anybody to shut-up, Jerry,” Nina said. Jerry took a deep breath. “As soon as you two graduates, Martha’s going into rehab, and Monica’s moving out,” Jerry said. “We’ll be eighteen in September,” Martha said. “I don’t have to go to rehab if I don’t want to.” “In that case, the both of you can just move out!” Jerry stormed upstairs and Nina followed him. “I’m sick and tired of getting into trouble because of you,” Monica said. “You’re getting on with foolishness,” Martha said. ”Look at you. You’re turning into Mom…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 2
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

“Hey, Emily,” Martha said. “Who’s that?” “That’s Larry,” Emily said. “I’ve never seen him around school before.” “I think he’s from out around the bay somewhere.” “He looks like a square. I’m going to talk to him.” Martha stumbled to the couch and she fell into Larry’s lap. “What are ya at?” Martha asked. “This is it,” Larry said. “Where are you from?” “The bay.” “What town?” “You know.” “Not going tell me? Maybe this will this will change your mind.” In a drunken stupor, Martha shoved her tongue down Larry’s throat. Eventually, Martha went up for some air. “Where are you from?” Martha asked. “Dildo,” Larry said As soon as those words escaped Larry’s lips, Martha busted out laughing. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you,” Larry said. “Can you believe there’s a town with that name?” Martha asked. As Martha continued to laugh hysterically, she tripped. “What do you know,” Larry said. “You actually tripped over a cordless phone.” At that point, Monica and Emily picked Martha up from the floor. “Look who is it,” Martha said. “It’s my best friend, and my best sister.” “Okay, time to take you home, drunky,” Monica said. “You can’t…

Monica’s Revenge: Chapter 1
Monica's Revenge / November 16, 2018

In the beginning, there was Tempus, the god of time. There was also Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos. Together, they’ve created the universe. Tempus and Chaos had four children: Aquatar, the god of water; Iggy, the god of fire; Arial, the goddess of air; and Terra, the goddess of the land. The deities resided on a planet called Oberon with other deities, humans, and reptilians. The gods and goddesses of Oberon followed three laws. • Don’t alter the laws of nature. • Don’t take away free will. • Don’t get involved in mortal affairs. However, Aquatar impregnated a mortal woman, and they had a daughter whom they’ve named Glacier. Because of Aquatar’s act of treason, he had to give up his powers, and live as a mortal. His powers were put on the line in a tournament against mortals, repitilians and gods. Even though Glacier was half-mortal, she was forbidden to get involved with human affairs, and she had to live as a goddess. Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos, broke the third law by helping a little girl named Celeste. Celeste lived with her parents. Even when Celeste was an adult, her parents would still tell her what…

Where’s The Novel?
Updates / July 12, 2018

I had my novel posted here. My plan is to rewrite the novel, using my previous version as a template. In other words, you will read the previous version in one way or another. Reality Engine will also be an episodic novel. What that means is that you’ll read a series of short stories that are connected. Each story will be a continuation of the each other. In other words, Reality Engine will be divided into episodes and each episode will be divided into short chapters. Each chapter will be about 900 – 1500 pages each. I plan on posting a new chapter almost every Tuesday and Thursday, although I may have to make exceptions.