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“You’re no psychologist.” “You’re right. I’m no psychologist. I’m just a friend. We can talk in private and you can just vent all of your frustrations.” “Okay.” Alex and Angel talked for hours in private. During that time, Steve was still trying to wrap his head around Alex’s behavior.” “Angel

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“Glacier was a danger to the universe. She was a demigod obsessed with power and control. The other gods in the universe have plans or measures to keep their own powers in check. This was after millions of years of gods trying to take over the universe.” Alex paused for

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As The Crew watched the tragedy unfold on Earth, something hit the ship. An alarmed sounded and the screen flashed red with white text. “Ship attacked,” the ship’s computer said. “Shields activated.” “Give me a visual,” Angel said. The screen showed a Kratos Army ship. “How did they find us?”

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Larry got into his car and drove off. He drove through three different towns, but he didn’t see the Leviathans nor their motorcycles anywhere. Where could they be? It didn’t make any sense. After driving around for an hour, Larry decided to drive back to camp. The Leviathans left the

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“How are you feeling?” Melody asked. “Sorry, stupid question. Anyway, uh, we got a situation.” “We need to go back to Earth and kill the Leviathans,” Alex said. “Are you serious?” Steve asked. “Yes! They killed Mom!” “I think we need to calm down,” Angel said. “I think we need

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Meanwhile, Alex just sat in his seat in complete shock. Shelly and Angel went out to the hallway to comfort Steve, while Melody, Sarah, and Allison tried to comfort Alex. Michael just gave the TV a cold stare. “My father is with a group of cold-blooded murders,” Michael said. “Michael!”

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“Who do you think painted all of these?” Joe asked. “Who do you think?” A short while later, the Leviathans arrived at the camp. “You’re calling yourselves the Black Dogs, now,” Rocko said. “Don’t you know that Black Dogs are often associated with hellhounds? It seems like you want to

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“We’ll find somewhere to go.” “I have an idea. We’ll put it to a vote. Who’s willing to fight the Leviathans?” Seven people raised their hands. “Who wants to run?” Larry asked. Six people raised their hands. “So, it’s decided then. We’ll bring the fight to the Leviathans when we’re

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“I know,” Larry said. “We need to hide our supplies better, especially our weapons. That can’t be hard to do.” Throughout the week, everybody at the camp gathered supplies and they hid one third of them. Some people dug up graves and they buried some of their guns in them.

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“How do you think I feeling?” Shelly asked with her voice shaking. “Dad lied to us. He told us that he was deployed, when all this time we rode off with his biker buddies. And Mom just deserted us.” Michael didn’t know what to say. Mainly because he was caught