Reality Engine: Page 52

“I need to move the fuck out of my parents’ house,” Steve said. “Yeah, your parents are nuts.” “Maybe we can find an apartment together.” “Maybe.” “How are your parents nuts?” Michael asked Steve. “According to my dad, I can’t move out,” Steve said. “The reason is because I can’t cook, clean, or do laundry. […]

Reality Engine: Page 51

“Seriously, stop!” Michael yelled. “Sorry,” Allison said. Michael struggled to get up as he was in serious pain. “Maybe we should have safe-word next time,” Allison said. “Here’s a safe-word for ya, stop!” Michael said. “I got a little carried away. I’ve been a bad girl. Maybe you should punish me.” Allison got up from […]

Reality Engine: Page 50

“You said that the reason you cheated on me was because our relationship went stale and you expected me to put myself in your shoes. That is fucked up!” “I know! Look, Melody seems really nice. I don’t want to get between you and Melody. “You won’t. Anyway, I think it’s about time I get […]

Reality Engine: Page 49

Meanwhile, back at the table… “You’re still not over your ex,” Melody said. “I am!” Sarah said. “You have a funny way of showing it.” “Excuse me, but it’s still a bit awkward seeing my ex again, especially since she cheated on me.” “That doesn’t make any sense.” “Actually, it does,” Steve said. “How?” Melody […]

Reality Engine: Page 48

“Sounds like the plot of a sci-fi novel.” The prom took place that Friday. “This is the kind of prom I’ve always wanted,” Allison said. “The decorations are awesome! So, where are we sitting?” “Table five,” Michael said. Michael and Allison made their way to the table. Once they got there, Allison and Sarah stared […]

Reality Engine: Page 47

“Something happen, didn’t it?” “You could say that. Allison rented a hotel room for us. We went there after the prom and then…the fire alarm went off.” Steve and Shelly tried not to laugh, but they couldn’t. Instead, they busted out laughing. “What happened after that?” Steve asked as he tried to hold back his […]

Reality Engine: Page 46

“Why do you let teenagers check in the hotel?” The Assistant Manager asked. “Because it’s prom season,” The Manager said. “This is the only way this hotel can stay in business.” Michael and Allison entered their room. It was the same room that Steve’s parents stayed in years earlier. As Michael crashed on the bed, […]

Reality Engine: Page 45

This is where Michael’s dream ended. “Damn it,” Michael said. A week and a half later, Michael went to Allison’s prom. Michael wore a black tuxedo with a black mask that went over his eyes. Allison wore a white dress and a white mask that covered half of her face. Michael could only see the […]

Reality Engine: Page 44

“I’ll go to yours if you go to mine.” “Great! My prom will be at the Convention Center.” “I’m looking forward to it.” “Same here. One more thing, it’s a masquerade.” “Okay. Can’t wait.” “Well, I’m going to bed. Good night.” “Good night.” That night, Michael had a dream he was watching a soap opera. […]

Reality Engine: Page 43

“Yup,” Michael said. “Give me the deeds!” “Her name is Allison. We have a lot in common and we just click.” “What does she look like?” “She has red hair, skinny, and…” Michael put his hands on his chest, indicating that Allison had big breasts. “She sounds hot,” Steve said. “Here’s the thing, she never […]